Christmount Adult Work Week

and Family Work Weekend!


Volunteers Helping Christmount

Prepare for the Summer


May 5-10 (Sun-Fri)

and / or

May 10-12 (Fri-Sun)

Adult Work Week and Family Work Weekend are mission opportunities to help Christmount prepare for the summer season. Raking, painting, weeding, light construction, trail maintenance, preparing supplies for camp - it's all part of readying Christmount for a summer of wonder  where lives are changed. And we have lots of fun!

Each summer, Christmount hosts hundreds of youth and adults for camps and conferences.
You can be part of this ministry by coming and spending time working with other volunteers who love Christmount and want to prepare the grounds, buildings and trails for a summer of wonder for both children and adults! Come as individuals or as groups!

Mornings and afternoons: Work time
Tasks: Raking, weeding, painting, light construction, trail work, and anything to prepare for the summer
Evenings: vespers services and time for relaxing

2019 Special Projects

Building steps, bridges, and switchbacks on some of the Hiking Trails

Sunday - Friday Adult Work Week

Cost: $150 (includes all meals) 

Housing: Guest House or RV Park

Meals: Monday breakfast - Friday breakfast


Check In: Sunday after 3pm (dinner on own)
Check Out: Friday before 11am ​

Friday - Sunday Family Work Weekend:


Cost: $78 (includes all meals)

Housing: Guest House, Cottages, Group Lodge, Family Cabins, Davis Hall, or RV Park

Meals: Friday dinner - Sunday Brunch

Check In: Friday after 3pm

Check Out: Sunday before 11am

Improvements in the RV Park

​To Register: Call (828) 669-8977 to reserve your spot


Click here to register for Adult Work Week


Click here to register for Family Work Weekend


Registration deadline: Monday, April 30

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