Meet The Team

Rev. Rob Morris

Executive Director

Born in Canada

Grew up in west Texas

#5 of 6 kids

Certification in Permaculture

"Leave things better than you found them." 

Jon Blalock

Director of Lakey Gap Adapted Programs

Born on a mountain top in TN

Never grew up

Plays guitar

Singer in a band

Huge U2 fan

Lisa LeVine

Guest Services 

Younger cousin of Adam Levine (you wish)

Very Friendly and loves numbers - and you're number one!

Anne McGuire

Director of Community Outreach & Development

From Abalama

Fluent in Crow

Master Gardener

Mark Norton

Operations Director

Served with the Sheriff's Dept

And with the Fire Dept

Knows everyone in the valley

One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet

Kevin McIntosh

Maintenance Manager

Computer business didn't pan out, so he's making it all work here as our new Maintenance Manager

Dolly Norton

Housekeeping Director

Never met a stranger




Betty Hayes

Housekeeping Staff

Our newest member of the Housekeeping department! We are loving having Betty Davis keeping her eyes on things...


Maintenance Staff

New to Black Mountain

Possibly member of Witness Protection Program

We think he knows things

And that's not his actual photo


Can make Chicken Cordon-Bleu (and other colors, too)

Pleasing to the palate, and accommodating all dietary needs

Summer Staff

OMG - so much fun. And OMG so much work. But even the work is fun. Apply for Summer positions or short-term internships year-round. 

RV Volunteers

Teamwork makes the dream work! You're making dreams come true. Thanks for all you are and thanks for all you do.

Position Open!

Social Media Intern


Website worker, Facebook fixer, Instagram ingenuity! This could be you!