Meeting Spaces

*Must be reserved in advance*


Small Rooms: $100 / event

(Meeting Room 1, 2, Guest House Lobby)

Medium-Size Rooms: $300 / event

(Conference Rooms A, B, Assembly Hall)

Large Rooms: 

Aldridge Hall $400 / event

Dining Hall $500 / event

Outdoor Spaces: $100 / event

(No charge for overnight guests / groups)

Technology Needs: 

$50 / event


Cook Guest House


Conference Hall - Conference Room A & B

The conference hall seats up to 250 persons and may be divided into two rooms. Tables and chairs may be arranged for displays or meetings. Features audio/visual equipment, wireless internet, a piano, and refreshment area.


Meeting Room 1, adjacent to the conference hall, accommodates 24 persons or 16 around conference tables. The room has audio/visual equipment, wireless internet, and dry erase board.

Library, Upstairs Lobby, and Deck

These areas are on the upper level of the Guest House, all adjacent to each other. The library can serve as a small meeting room for about 12 people.

The lobby is a large open area with a fireplace and rocking chairs. A TV makes presentations and watching the ballgame convenient. It is not air conditioned.

The deck with its rocking chairs is a relaxing, breezy area with views of the mountains.

Mitchell Guest House East


Durant Assembly Hall seats up to 120 persons. Tables and chairs are easily arranged for displays or meetings. This air conditioned space is 25' x 45' and is furnished with audio/visual equipment, wireless internet, a piano, and a refreshment area.


Meeting Room 2 is adjacent to Durant Assembly Hall and accommodates about 12 people around a conference table. This air conditioned room has a dry erase board and wireless internet.

Spearman Dining Hall


The two dining rooms may be used for meeting space when not used for meals. Each may be arranged for displays or meetings and offers a PA system. The conference dining room will seat 180 people, and the camper dining room will seat 120.

Seasonal Meeting Spaces


Aldridge Hall is a perfect venue for events,  accommodating up to 300 persons. Tables may be arranged for meetings , craft activities, concerts, banquets, receptions, or other group functions. The large open high ceiling room allows for indoor recreation activities as well.


Fellowship Hall seats up to 150 persons. Features rustic wooden floors, and several rooms for classrooms. Tables may be arranged for meetings or other activities

Outdoor Spaces


Blackwood Haven seats up to 75 persons in a wooded area. It does not have lights or electricity. It is removed from most traffic.


Watters Garden, located along the main road into Christmount, seats up to 75 persons. Electrical outlets are in front of the stage area.


Three screened Study Shelters each accommodate 15 persons on benches.


The Shady Stage, between the Group Lodge and the cabins, accommodates 35 persons.


Campfire circles are located in three areas around the campgrounds. Wood is supplied by Christmount for $25 per fire. Groups are responsible for lighting and completely extinguishing their own camp fires.