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Christmount’s ministry provides the place, the personnel and the programs that touch lives for Christ. From the beginning in 1948, the ministry has been a partnership of God’s people who caught the vision of providing a place for "mountain top" experiences where groups and individuals can grow closer to God. Christmount is a ministry partner of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

The Patrons Association

Annual Giving Program


The Christmount Patrons Association gives individuals the opportunity to become partners in ministry. The Patrons Association, which serves as the annual giving program, provides the additional support that does not come from conference and rental revenues, restricted gifts and grants. Gifts to the Patrons Association enable Christmount to offer excellent programs and facilities and to create new programs.

Annual giving is important as Christmount seeks to be of greater service to individuals, groups and churches. The success of Christmount's ministry depends upon the participation of donors like you.

Thank you for being our partner in ministry by becoming a member of the Christmount Patrons Association. Gifts of any size are welcomed and appreciated. Your gift makes a difference!


Keeping Christmount Strong

Susan Gray

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                                    Ground Breakers … $20,000+

                              Trailblazers … $10,000-$19,999

                          Mountaineers … $5,000-$9,999

                      Explorers … $2,500-$4,999

                 Pioneers … $1,000-$2,499

            Founders … $500-$999

        Caretakers … $100-$499

   Friends …$5-$99

Why I Give to the

Patrons Association

Jolin McElroy

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Endowment Fund


The Christmount Endowment Fund is a permanent fund overseen by five trustees including the executive director. The principal is held in perpetuity. Income from the fund is distributed annually for Christmount's mission and ministry according to the spending policy approved by the Administrative Board. You can make a gift of any amount to the endowment fund at any time.


Durant Legacy Society gifts make up the portion of the endowment fund derived from planned gifts, estate/end-of-life gifts, and named funds. Many who have supported Christmount's ministry through the time, talent and treasure for years choose to continue that support in perpetuity through a special Legacy Gift arrangement. Legacy donors understand the importance of sustaining a sacred space where lives can be touched for Christ and people have the opportunity for life-changing experiences. Legacy Gifts:

  • Help secure the ministry for future generations by providing annual income through the Christmount Endowment Fund.

  • Allow Christmount to continue important current programs and establish new programs that promote the vitality and spiritual growth of the Church.

  • Allow Christmount to continue to maintain and improve facilities and retain professional, ministry-focused staff.

  • Encourage and inspire the next generation to support Christmount through their gifts of time, talent and treasure.


Contact Rob Morris by email ( or call (828) 669-8977 for more information.


Durant Legacy Society Members

PDF Documents for Printing:

Durant Legacy Society Brochure

Suggested Language for Bequest in Will or Living Trust


Paying It Forward

Karen Nolan

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"We support Christmount for life... and beyond!"   Tom & Julie Wood 

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On Being Part of the Durant Legacy Society   Linda S. Whitmire

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Non-Cash Contributions


Non-cash contributions come in a variety of forms such as vehicles, furniture, maintenance equipment, office equipment and decor. Non-cash contributions allow the donor to claim a tax-deductible contribution while simultaneously reducing the operating costs for the organization. One very popular example of a non-cash contribution program is the NPR Vehicle Donation program. Learn more about vehicle donations.


Contact Rob Morris by email ( or call (828) 669-8977 for more information.


"Camp Matters...Forever"   Bob & Ida-Anne Clarke

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