Church Leadership Series

Co-sponsored with

Lexington Theological Seminary


​Keynote Speaker, Dr. Emily Askew, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology


Sept 3-5, 2020


Theme: Theology and Disabilities


We will work together to think theologically and to read the Bible through the lenses of people with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities. To do this, we will hear first person accounts, contemporary theology, US history and the Bible all with an eye toward becoming a more inclusive and accessible ecclesial community. 


We will look at Jesus' healing / miracle stores and think about how these stories have been used to hurt people with disabilities and how they can help. We will consider how to think about what it means to be "made in the image of God" for people with severe and profound disabilities.


We will think about what it means when theologians of disability tell us that "we are all only temporarily able-bodied." We will look at the ways our society and even our churches support an unspoken bias toward "ableism" - the discrimination against people with disabilities and what that means for the Kingdom of God. 


We will think about what it means that when Jesus was resurrected by God into heaven, he was resurrected with the marks of his wounds and not restored to bodily wholeness. What might that mean for our understanding of "perfect" bodies, in this life. It is our hope that through our work together you will be moved to greater activism in the church and into the community and perhaps the world. 



The Church Leadership Series is a collaboration between Christmount and Lexington Theological Seminary.

The Church Leadership Series presents church leaders with obstacles and opportunities affecting our churches and faith communities today.  Leaders of the church can benefit from this event in many ways:

  • Gain new perspective on their service through presentations by professors of Lexington Theological Seminary.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the work they do as leaders in their context.

  • Network with other participants regarding specific areas of leadership within the church, such as Elders, Deacons, Stewardship, Property, Youth, Education, Board, and more!

  • Share concerns with and learn from other church leaders.

  • Fellowship with others.

We have extended the Church Leadership Retreat by one day. In 2020, the retreat will begin on Thursday afternoon around 5pm and conclude Saturday afternoon around 3:00pm. 

Lodging: Guest House motel rooms

Meals: Dining Hall


Begins: Thursday, 5:00 pm
Ends: Saturday, 3pm​


To Register: Call (828) 669-8977 - or click here 



Guest House motel room

includes Thurs. supper-Sat. lunch, Thursday & Friday lodging, and conference fee

Single           $375*

Double          $325* per person

Triple            $275* per person

Quad             $225* per person

Commuters: $175* includes all meals and conference fee


*Add $25/person for registration after ...