Permanent Fund


Christmount has established the Camp Matters Permanent Fund to generate grants for camp & conference centers affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to help with facility, programming, and/or staffing needs.

We have officially launched a denomination-wide campaign called

"I'm In For Ten!" 


All we're asking is for folks to simply give $10 each.


That's it.    Just ten dollars.      It's that easy.


Half of any size donation will go towards the Camp Matters Permanent Fund, housed at the Christian Church Foundation, and half of your donation will go directly to the DOC Camp/Conference Center of your choice.  Unless otherwise designated, no portion of any donation to the Camp Matters Permanent Fund goes to Christmount. 


Once the Fund reaches $50,000 Christmount will begin accepting applications from DOC Camp /Conference Centers to receive small grants to help with projects, property, or personnel. 


There are over 600,000 members in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). If everyone in the denomination gave $10 each - wow - what a thought! And imagine how much faster the fund would grow if some individuals decided to give much more than $10.  Either way, your gift will make an impact.


With the "I'm In For Ten" campaign,

your gift makes a difference


Thank you for joining us in building camp and conference ministries for all Disciples across our nation. We want everyone to know #campmatters!




Amount raised

as of:

July 25, 2019



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