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$1,775 per week
$1,575 for 2nd child in family

2017 Camp Weeks

Week 1 June 18 - 23 Ages 4-11
Week 2 June 25 - 30 Ages 12-17
Week 3 July 9 - 14 Adults 18 & up
Week 4 July 16 - 21 Adults 18 & up
Week 5 July 23 - 28 Ages 12-17 *
Week 6 July 30 - Aug. 4 Ages 4-11 *

* High Functioning Weeks - Criteria:

  • Language should be easy to understand and appropriate to age level.
  • No disruptive behaviors.
  • Can be paired with another camper (1:2).
  • Adolescent Campers (age 12-17):
    • Able to participate in group activities that require conversation skills, and follow verbal directions
    • Independent in all daily living skills (toileting, bathing, dressing)


Photo Tour

Camp Lakey Gap is located at Christmount in Black Mountain, North Carolina, 15 miles east of Asheville.

Parent/Guardian Housing Available

Guest House East
Christmount offers reasonably priced motel accommodations. Call 828-669-8977 for reservations.

Camp Program

Camper Requirements
1) A diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder or a related communication disorder.
2) Manageable behavior and health care needs, to the level of the staffs training.
3) Guardians must live, be vacationing, or have an emergency contact within 8 hours of camp.

Unique Program
We offer a unique program approach of therapeutic recreation specifically designed for people with autism using:

  • visually structured programming,
  • 1:1 and 1:2 positive support from well trained college and graduate students,
  • development of independent living skills,
  • and opportunities for engaging in social interaction with peers.
Our staff will use a schedule created to fit the unique communicaton needs of your camper. These schedules reduce the stress of being in a new environment. Furthermore, the schedules promote social and emotional growth, allowing experiences of social success, empowerment to take on leadership roles, and a positive environment in which to successfully try new things.

Campers enjoy:
  • song time,
  • arts and crafts,
  • hiking,
  • creek games,
  • swimming (3 times/day),
  • outdoor activities,
  • music and motion,
  • daily special events, and
  • canoeing and lake play at Camp Rockmont.
All activities are adapted in a visually structured way (as pictured) so that campers will understand expectations and be able to participate as independently as possible.

Rest and Night Time
At least four staff are on duty in the cabin during rest time and at night with two additional staff on call.

Special Diets
If your camper is on a restricted diet, such as a gluten and casein free diet, peanut allergies, or limited sugar and food dyes, please contact the camp directorat least a week before your camper attends.

On Sunday a nurse and the Healthcare Activity Director will review medical needs, check in medications, and set up the Medical Administration Record (MAR). A nurse is on call during the week.

Bullying of other campers will not be tolerated at Camp Lakey Gap. We define bullying as when a person is repeatedly exposed to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons, and he or she has difficulty defending himself or herself. This can be done through verbal derogatory comments, social exclusion, physical bullying, bullying through lies, having things taken or damaged, or being threatened.

We understand that some people with autism will have behaviors that could fit into these categories, but are not bullying. The behaviors will be considered bullying when there is obvious intention behind the actions, and/or when it effects a camper or group of campers to the point that their experience is being effected negatively.

Camp Lakey Gap will make every effort possible to remedy the situation so that all campers can enjoy their experience, but after reasonable attempts at a remedy if the situation continues, campers may be sent home.

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