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A program of Christmount


Camp Lakey Gap strives to nurture
people with autism through
an enriching camp experience
and provide guardians with
a time of respite.

"I wish you could bottle Camp Lakey Gap and send it home with the kids! While our daughter had a blast in 2010, it seems that this year she came home and we immediately noticed a new sense of confidence and self esteem that we've never seen before. She is also better behaved, more relaxed and seemingly more self-aware...I would love to know the secret!" - Terry

Camp Lakey Gap, a camp for people with autism, is located in Black Mountain, North Carolina at Christmount. Our program design is based on a successful philosophy for supporting people with autism.

During a week at Camp Lakey Gap with 1:1 and 1:2 staff support, people with autism develop strong social skills and self esteem by experiencing success with peers, being empowered to take leadership roles, successfully trying new things, and being supported in a positive and loving environment.

Camp Lakey Gap recognizes that each person with autism brings their unique point of view to camp. At all of our activities we strive to cater to your camper's individual needs and interests. Whether it is insects, reptiles, outer space, Pokemon, Thomas the Tank Engine, or Star Wars, we find a way to help your camper enjoy Camp Lakey Gap in their way.

You are never too old for summer camp! A week for campers ages 18 and up extends life-changing opportunities to all ages.

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